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FOID - Filling The Void
We don't build Dreams, We fill voids!
FOID is a constantly expanding and self evolving species, a creative power house, a free flowing force and is THE FUTURE of Product Design. The brand is constantly evolving and adapting itself to the growing needs of our consumer market and is currently engaged in generating solutions in the form of products for the end user by creating unique, user friendly products for their current and future needs.
We are presently working on creating a matrix of creative networks, involving creative talent from around the globe that will finally amalgamate into one big Mothership of solutions for the ever growing consumer market.
The key to our success as a brand is the simplicity of our products.
At FOID, the end user takes centre stage and we are constantly working to create a whole world of experience around him/her, by launching products that are designed from the ground up based on their needs. We don't want to impose our vision on to our customers but instead we want to create products around our customer’s needs. Their comfort and satisfaction are the only things that matter to us.
Please visit our brand sites to know more about our current launches and future ones too.
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Farzam Kamlabadi


Mr Farzam Kamalabadi is the Group CEO and Chairman of 20 plus entities spread across all platforms of businesses including block-chain, financial banking, renewable energies, oil and gas, media, innovations, telecom, health, etc., to name a few. His vast experience of China and global markets, specially the Middle East and Africa makes him a veteran in global business trends and future trends. In fact that is why he calls his mother brand - Future Trends Group Link of Future Trends site:

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Vinod P. Vijay


Vinod comes from a creative background. He is a Director running a successful production house for 15 years, directing television commercials for top brands like Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Nissan, Honda, Shell London, Google among others. His current focus is to develop FOID into a successful brand. He looks up to Steve Jobs as his role Model and he believes that FOID could be the new age COVID times APPLE of the day.

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Manhar Shaheed

Managing Director

Manhar has worked in larger than life teams managing people from across the globe, leading Production and Direction teams while creating Advertisements and Feature Films for over a decade. Her aim is to be involved in projects that give back to society and pay it forward. She holds a focal position in FOID ensuring the best for the future generation.

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Aaroh Dhondiyal

Product Designer Lead

Designer and Design Strategist who loves to work with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of design with a strong inclination towards problem-solving. Intrigued by the “whys” and “hows” of things, Aaroh strongly believes in 'Design for impact' for FOID and aims to make a better today; one product, one system, one service at a time.

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Vansh Singh

Product Designer

With a sharp and curious eye, Vansh is a keen observer of human behaviour. He incorporates colours and curves to establish emotional connections between solutions and people. Inspired by emotional design, he designs by combining anthropological research and artistic expression. He loves working in new domains which present him new opportunities to learn, and wishes to continue innovating as a habit in FOID.

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